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First Addressing:
What are we if we only act on impulse and not think first? Do we act without thinking first and reverse our intelligence to nothing more than wild animals? I would like to think through all the corruption and immorality today's society brings with it, they are the few who still have the since to better themselves to become something greater and advance further in life; to value what is up most important. Values and morale integrity is what differs us from common animals. Keep your families honor if it is there, be respectful to one and the other, and maintain loyalty to the cause of improving society.

Second Addressing:
We’ve always searched through our history to find out where we came from or where we originated. The biggest question, I believe is more important is, is where and in which direction are we going? How can we ever succeed in moving on in life if we keep dwelling in the past for so long? It’s good to know your heritage or own personal history or achievements, but why go as far as bringing back old or ancient squabbles of our primitive ancestors. I’m Christian, he’s a Muslim, and you’re of African descent. What does it matter? In the end we are all human beings. We cannot go further in life if we don’t discard our useless differences first and accept the fact that by our many faiths and personal beliefs we can still have a common goal, the ability to work together for the greater benefit of human existence.

Third Addressing:
Why hate? Why show your aggression to one another? I’m better than you and have to prove myself, why? I strongly believe there is a strong imbalance in the world today that divides us and makes the individual person weak and vulnerable. A person with everything has nothing and a person with nothing has everything. A wealthy person always wants because that is all he or she knows to never have a enough to fill any misplaced gaps that are never filled. A poor or lower class person is content with what he or she has and is grateful for more. This person because of his status gets treated well while the people beneath him get substandard treatment. Why the inequality? Why when you give the people at the bottom better attention and greater gratification does the people at the top get upset and want more when really they have more than they need. What’s the difference? Nothing is ever different. We are all human being capable of making mistakes. We just need to think of ourselves as equals before we can succeed further.
Fourth and Final Addressing:
What does it mean to come to an end? Is it the completion of one's life mission or goal in life. I've got a better answer. It is to know that your worth has been used to its full extent. To persue to the official end that you have made a real impact to society. Why do what others have done and not be original? Prove now that you are worth more that what is written or expected from you


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